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Beca para estudiar una Maestría en Entomología en LSU

M.S. Graduate Research Assistantship
LSU Department of Entomology

For agroecosystems to be sustainable, they must be both productive and protective. Agroecosystems must provide sufficient natural enemy diversity to help regulate pest populations. However, though insecticides are often a necessary tactic used to control insect pest populations, they disrupt the integrity of agroecosystems. We seek a highly motivated M.S. student to evaluate the effects of current insecticides meant to control stink bugs on soybean looper and natural enemies. The selected student will test whether insecticides cause pest resurgence and secondary pests by reducing natural enemies. Over the course of the project, the student will create and validate best management practices that integrate insecticides to control pests while preserving natural enemies and ecological partnerships.

The successful student will have the opportunity to work in diverse agricultural production systems throughout Louisiana and will be expected to publish both peer-reviewed journal articles and extension publications. The student will gain valuable experience in southern field crop production, from planting to harvest, including pest scouting. This is also an exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience in systems level ecological management.

The Department of Entomology is an essential part of the Louisiana State University (LSU) Agriculture Center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Department of Entomology was established in 1889 and includes 13 faculty involved in basic and applied research related to pollinators, urban pests, taxonomy, integrated pest management, toxicology, biological control, and insect physiology.

Benefits (three years):

* Full tuition.
* Cost of thesis covered.
* Medical insurance.
* Assistance to national and international conferences covered.
* Monthly salary. Deadline: The position will be fill as soon as the proper candidate applies.


* A B.S. degree in Life Sciences.
* A valid driver’s license.
* Application letter including future research and professional goals.
* CV (resume).
* At least two letters of recommendation (in English).
* TOEFL scores for international students.
* GRE scores are highly recommended. Contact: Dr. Jeff Davis E-mail: jeffdavis@agcenter.lsu.edu.


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