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Oportunidades de maestría y doctorado en Canadá

Existen tres oportunidades posgrados  (maestría o doctorado) para estudiar erosión del suelo y manejo de cuencas en Canadá. Para mayores detalles, favor revisar la siguiente información.

Graduate Assistantships (M.S. or Ph.D.) -Erosion and Watershed processes in the Canadian Rockies.

University of Alberta, University of Waterloo

Climate changes (drought, wildfire, changes in insects and disease pressures) along with cumulative disturbance pressures are exerting increasing pressure on headwaters forested regions that supply water and water associated ecosystem services to extensive regions of North America. The Southern Rockies Watershed Project in South West Alberta (http://www.srwp.ualberta.ca) involves an interdisciplinary team of international scientists that are integrating a full range of headwater and up-scaling techniques to understand the effects of headwater disturbance (natural and anthropogenic) on headwater and downstream watershed ecological services.

For that reason, we are seeking for “three” excellent, motivated, student candidates interested in plot/hillslope/catchment field research. Candidates for M.S. or Ph.D. degrees are accepted. The assistantships will cover full tuition and a monthly stipend for selected applicants.

Principal themes of research are as follow:

1. Evaporatranspiration and soil moisture dynamics in disturbed / undisturbed mountain forest environments potentially including field based study of evaporative fluxes, transpiration and rainfall interception dynamics, soil moisture storage and transport of sediments mechanism, linkages with runoff generation processes.

2. Erosional processes including linking soil erosion with snowmelt and rainfall precipitation, sediment transport and fate associated with forest harvesting activity, roads/linear disturbances, and recreational off highway vehicle use in mountainous landscapes.

Selected graduate students will be located at University of Alberta, Dept. of Renewable Resources (http://rr.ualberta.ca) or University of Waterloo, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Management (http://uwaterloo.ca/geography-environmental-management). All graduate students working in our projects will be expected to employ varied approaches including field-based research supported by laboratory, and/or modeling tools to contribute to the development of watershed sciences. Previous undergraduate or M.S. degree in related environmental sciences is highly desirable. Strong previous field skills and/or laboratory experience in conducting research are assets.

Requirements for application include (in English language)

1. Resume or CV.

2. Application letter.

3. Transcripts of grades of previous degrees pursued.

4. GRE and TOEFL (when applicable) scores.

5. Three letters of reference.

Assistantship opportunities are available immediately and will remain open until all positions are filled. All the requested documents must be sent to:

  • Dr. Uldis Silins
  • University of Alberta
  • 809 General Services
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Canada T6G 2H1
  • Phone: 780-492-9083
  • E-mail: uldis.silins@ualberta.ca

For more information feel free to contact any scientists focusing on headwater erosional, soils, and evaporative processes. The scientific group includes:

  • Dr. Uldis Silins (uldis.silins@ualberta.ca)
  • Dr. Miles Dyck (miles.dyck@ualberta.ca)
  • Dr. Mike Stone (mstone@uwaterloo.ca)
  • Dr. Axel Anderson (aanderson@foothillsri.ca)
  • Dr. Kevin Bladon (kbladon@ualberta.ca)

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    Estimado Klever, envía la información solicitada en el artículo para postularte. que tengas buena suerte!

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